Omicron Lupus started out as an experimental collaborative novel venture, with four individuals contributing 500 words each at a time in turn.

Unfortunately, creative constraints and time restrictions hindered the pursuit of the project to its entirety. The project went on an indefenite hiatus after five chapters. When the winds of change had died down, I added a further chapter six, which is entirely my work. Stylistic differences will be evident between this last chapter and the preceding 5, within which the individual collaborating writers voices are clearly discernable.

The entire manuscript so far was edited and revised by me while the project was a work in progress.

Clearly, this is an initial draft  and over the course of time, I have decided that the story begins in the wrong place. I hope to eventually re-write all of the material currently contained here, and then continue with further chapters as the muse strikes me.

I am guardedly open to further collaboration with others who may be interested after reading the material contained here. If any other writer is so interested, email me from my contact page and I will definitely respond.

July 2013 -- Bryan Knower